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The Heady Days of the Laurier Era.

In the early 20th century Sir Wilfred Laurier, one of our longest serving Prime Ministers, famously announced: “The twentieth century shall be the century of Canada. . . . For the next hundred years, Canada shall be the star towards which all men who love progress and freedom shall come.” Whether you feel that Laurier was on the mark or not, at the time of this renowned speech in 1904, Canadians were very optimistic about the future. Continue reading


Rob Ford, Toronto’s temporary mayor.

Really, in defense of Rob Ford, (Toronto’s temporary mayor), he can’t be expected to be present at the Gay Pride Parade because he has a prior and immovable engagement shackled to that particular weekend. Unfortunately, when he won the Toronto mayoral race to this journalists bewilderment, he hadn’t counted on the Gay Pride Parade falling on the same weekend as his “family weekend”. This has been a Ford-Family-Trip-to-the-Cottage tradition dating back to 2010 and he has been looking forward to it all week. When asked why he wasn’t going to attend the parade the sort-of mayor responded in a nervous, sweaty and guilty-looking way: “One day at a time.”

Continue reading

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